In Memory

Robert Walter Montgomery
5 September 1939
17 April 1985

This is my dad. Some of you know him as "Bob" and some of you know him as "Squeak". I heard he was quite the rebel in school, which is a change from the man I knew. He ended up with three daughters and we made him pull his hair out at times, but I know he loved every minute of being a father. He was lucky enough to have been a proud Grandad to six of his eleven grandchildren, he even dressed up as Santa at Christmas and had each of the grandkids sit on his lap. When I was in my sewing phase I made him a shirt, an ugly green shirt, with bric-brac around the collar and sleeves. He put that shirt on and even had a picture taken while he was wearing it. He made me feel so proud of myself and I never had the feeling he didn't like that shirt. I have a lot of cherished memories of my dad and I share them with my children. I love and miss you dad, but you will always be alive in my heart.


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