In Memory

Ruben L. Garcia

Ruben Garcia was a member of the Student Council in all four of his years at Livermore High School and was Student Body President his senior year. He was the Boys' Representative for his class in his sophmore and junior years. He was a member of the California Scholarship Federation all four years. He also played trumpet in the band and dance band, and he served as Band Treasurer his junior year. He excelled in sports, playing football, basketball, baseball, and running track.

Ruben Garcia was a truly fine person and beloved teammate
Student Body President
Halfback on Championship Football team
Guard on Champioship Basketball team
Sprinter on Track team,
who often gave a younger underclassman a ride home after practices in all seasons and weather conditions,
and was a true peer role model and advisor on teenage life issues of the times.
Always remembered for his outstanding achievements with grace....
---Jetstream Eaglesmith

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