In Memory

Jim Mumper
16 April 1957
25 June 1997

James Alan Mumper was born on April 16th, 1957. His middle name came from the obstetrician who delivered all five Mumper kids, of which Jim was Number Four. As a baby, his nickname was 'Mutthead' due to the unruly shock of hair he had that couldn't quite be tamed. The family moved from Hayward to Livermore in 1969, and had the TV hooked up in time to watch the first landing on the moon. Jim went to Mendenhall Middle School, then opted to go to Livermore High versus Granada. He married Barbara Churchill in 1990 and they were eventually blessed with two beautiful daughters, Audrey Elisabeth (Libby) and Mary Caroline. Libby is now a middle-schooler (2003) and Mary just turned 7 in January of 2003. Jim died on June 25th, 1997 of pancreas cancer, just a couple of months past his 40th birthday. Jim and Barb had recently moved back to Livermore from New Jersey, where they had relocated for a few years with their employer. Before they moved away, Jim was a regular on valley stages performing with the Pleasanton Playhouse and other local theater companies. He also spent a few summers performing with the prestigious Pacific Center for the Performing Arts in Santa Maria. When they returned to Livermore, Jim was employed by Pacific Bell Video Services. Jim was a very devoted husband and father, son, brother and friend. He is still missed very much by all of us; thankfully, he left a couple of valentines in our midst, so he really isn't gone.
--Melanie Ulricksen

This page is part of the Livermore High School Memorial. Jim's senior picture was scanned from the 1975 LHS yearbook by Kathy (Blackwell) Phillips. If you have pictures or memories of Jim that you would like to share, please write to the webmaster or post them in the "In Memory" folder of the Livermore High Alumni Forum.