In Memory

Michael Judd
8 July 1958
21 November 1998

Mike Judd was a talented vocalist and actor. He was a member of A Capella and Madrigals and was active in Drama. Mike will be remembered for, among other artistic accomplishments, the many roles he played in Livermore High School drama productions, including Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas (1973--74), one of the town council members (the barbershop quartet) in The Music Man (Summer, 1973), Matt (the boy) in The Fantasticks (1974--75), Sir Evelyn in Anything Goes (1974--75), Jud Fry in Oklahoma (Summer, 1975), Martin Vanderhof in You Can't Take It With You (1975--76), and Captain "Big Jim" Warrington in Little Mary Sunshine (1975--76). He also played Emile Debeque in Livermore Musical Theater's production of South Pacific (Summer, 1977) and the title role in an Ohlone College production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Mike was a serious student of music and drama, and he was always eager for new artistic challenges. His dedication to his craft was an inspiration to other students. He was also cheerful, friendly, supportive of other students, and always great fun to be around. And he is greatly missed by his friends.

I remember Mike well, and his lovely booming bass voice; Mike and I were both in A Capella choir. It was hard to believe that such a powerful voice came out of such a scrawny guy! Another thing I remember about Mike was his absolute passion for Elton John, and Elton's music; as far as Mike was concerned, Elton was IT!!!

Ruth Kelley

I, too, remember Mike. He was so fun in high school. I remember seeing him in the hallways and saying "sing to me Mike" and he always did. :-) He used to call me his biggest fan and then we would laugh. He was a blessing to me also.

Kathy Blackwell

Mike Judd passing away is sad. I remember him from the drama and music programs at LHS and fondly remember him as a very tall munchkin in the Wizard of Oz in 1973. I remember when Elton John came out with Goodbye Yellow Brickroad and Mike knew every word to every song on the album before it was even released. Before the album came out, stars used to release singles, but Mike knew them all. He will be missed, God bless Mike Judd.

Randall Thompson

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