In Memory

Rebecca Joy Lothrop
30 June 1963
6 September 1990

Rebecca Joy Lothrop, also known as "Punkin" to friends and family, attended Christensen Elementary School, Junction Avenue Jr. High, and Livermore High School with the class of 1982. She passed the GED in 1981 and then went to Amador Adult High School to get her diploma in 1984. Punkin used to hang out in cowboy ally at Livermore High. She was also in the school marching band. She played the flute very well. Punkin used to drive a little red four door Datsun 210. The license plate read PUNKN16. She also worked for Safeway in Livermore. Punkin was married in January 1985. She was married to a Marine. He was abusive to her and their children. When she finally got enough courage and stength to get out of the relationship. She was murdered by her husband in September 1990. Punkin was strangeled to death. Then her husband tried to bury her in the El Centro desert. We are very thankful to the California Boarder Patrol to have found him in the act of digging the grave. Her husband Michael Lafaver is in jail for his crime. He was charged with second degree murder. They were living in El Cajon CA. She has two boys, now 13 and 15 years old. They live with my mother in Idaho. We miss her greatly. Punkin was a beautiful and sweet woman. She loved her children very much, and was a wonderful mother. She was my only sister. We have a younger brother also. We had alot of fun in high school, she was in the class of 1982 and I am class of 1983. Memories are all we have now, and there are some great ones. I am so thankful for the hard and good times we had together.
---Ranona Johnson "Pepper"

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