In Memory

William S. Carr
16 October 1906
28 January 1959

Mr Carr was a wonderful person, and I was fortunate to have him in 8th grade. I was eleven years old and bored to tears with the curriculum, and he let me bring a zillion library books to school and read them by myself while everyone else was doing the dull stuff. The only rule was that I had to take the regular exams with the rest of the class. Funny to think of it, but the things I read back then were the foundation of my later work as a novelist. Mr. Carr died of a heart attack, while playing ball with kids on the playground. He was honorable, decent, and kind. I've always believed he deserved a special place in heaven.
---Judith Merkle Riley

See also the following pictures from the Livermore Class Picture Archive:
    Mr Carr's eighth grade class, Junction Ave School, 1953--1954
    Mr Carr's eighth grade class, Junction Ave School, 1954--1955

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