In Memory

Howard Vierra
25 April 1918
17 February 1984

There has never been a teacher that has had such a profound effect on my adult life as Howard Vierra. From my earliest musical beginnings as a 10 year old fifth grader at the Fifth Street School to the honor of receiving the 1956 Musical Achievement Award in my senior year at Livermore High, Howard took a child squeaking and squawking on a saxophone and molded that child into a professional musician. One of my dearest and proudest memories of Howard occurred during rodeo weekend 1966. I was playing at a Livermore night club with The Townsmen, a four piece combo made up of myself and three other local musicians. Howard, along with his lovely wife, paid a visit to the club that evening. He was dressed in attire appropriate for rodeo festivities; jeans, a western shirt and a cowboy hat. After an hour or so of listening and dancing, Howard and his wife departed, but not before they stopped by the bandstand where Howard complimented me on my performance. As I look back on that evening, I sometimes wonder if Howard remembered visions of a 10 year old fifth grader that squeaked and squawked learning to play sax so many years before. For me, the remarks he made on that unforgettable evening in June 1966 will always hold a special place in my memory. To be complimented by your mentor is the ultimate tribute. Howard passed away on February 17, 1984. I will always remember him.
---Ted Saselli

The above picture is from the 1956 El Vaquero, the Livermore High School yearbook, which was dedicated to Mr Vierra. Click here to see a scan of the entire page.

See also the following pictures from the Livermore Class Picture Archive:
    Junction Ave Elementary School Marching Band in the 1952 Rodeo Parade
    1956 yearbook photos of the Livermore High School band

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