A memorial to Granada High School students that are no longer with us.

Class of 2001

James Cleary
Megan Forbes

Class of 1998

Kyle Alexander

Class of 1997

Joseph Anthony Biondo

Class of 1995

Ryan Spinelli
Chris Stanis

Class of 1994

Christopher Harding
Jessica McHenry

Class of 1993

Luke Hawkins

Class of 1986

Donald Baker
Dave Bigony
Steve Cox
Ronald Morris

Class of 1985

Sheri Brown
Michael Downer
Danny Duncan
Guy Enos
Lon Geier
Edward "Ted" Mohs
Dana Ramm

Class of 1984

Deanna "DeeDee" Butterfield

Class of 1983

Jeff Brandt
Paul E. Cook
Brian Knabe
Christopher Kroesen
John Vierra

Class of 1982

Mary Lynn Carr
L' Tanya Ellers
Tony Flores
Robert Newton
Mark Williams

Class of 1981

Daryl Grzybicki
Buzzie Olson
Stephen Stullich
Anthony Tirri

Class of 1980

Ken Fraser
Sam Lane
Jeff Otto

Class of 1979

Tina Futch
Beth Gannon
Chris Guinan
Joann Harvey
Johnny Robinson
Maureen "Mo" Ryan
Jeff Simpson

Class of 1978

Jim Dougherty
David England
Bob Falkenrath
Thomas Lawson
William Scofield
Ted Trudeau

Class of 1977

Steve Bailey
Bob Costa
Kevin Dayton
Connie Hensley
Andy Logsdon
Steve Taylor

Class of 1976

Chuck Benson
Steve Brown
Jim Cross
Jim Harding

Class of 1975

Patrick Butterfield
Dwight Estes
John H. Green
Edward Don Soto

Class of 1974

John Brooks
Joe Montano
Valine Tait Rogers

Class of 1973

Jim Mavis
Dan Sorenson

Class of 1972

Dave Montano
Gary "Sparky" Stewart

Class of 1971

Gary Dobble
Judy Felicitas

Class of 1970

Ralph Anderson
James Nelson Brown
Russell "Babe" Camarata
Michael Costa

Class of 1969

William "Bill" Glass

Class of 1968

Alan Higuera
John Chester King
Clarinda "Rinda" Robles
Nick Stewart
Mark Thompson

Class of 1967

Ronnie Adams
Larry Brackey
Terry Crane
Wiley "Buck" Keith
David Lewis
Joe Luciano
Terry Martin
Mike Peck
Jerry Piazza
Laura Piper
Sam Poor
Carlos Santos, Jr.
Tory Singer

Class of 1966

Joe Barbera
Patricia Sue Powers
Jim Stone

If you know of someone whose name should be on this memorial, please write to the webmaster or post the information in the "In Memory" folder of the Granada High School Alumni forum. Each name on this memorial can be linked to a page in memory of that person, with pictures, a brief biography, and memorials written by former classmates, friends, and family. We depend on former classmates, friends, and family to send me the information, pictures, and memorials that are displayed on these pages. If you would like to see a page set up in memory of someone whose name appears on this memorial, please write to the webmaster.

See also the Livermore High School Memorial, the Livermore Teachers Memorial, and the Livermore Class Picture Archive.